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2023 NSW Line Dance Ball Playlist DRAFT.jpg

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Dance sheets & video can be found by clicking the dance title below. 

12:01 am By John Hughes

Alibis by Rosalie Mackay

Always Humble by Willie Brown

Angels by Mark Simpkin

Baby I’ll by Gordon Elliott

Baby I’m Burning by Josh Talbot

Banjo by Bill Larsen

Beginner Waltz by Rosalie Mackay

Bottom Of  The Bottle by Gary O’Reilly

Bring Down The House by Linda Burgess

Brings You Happiness by Stephen Paterson

Broke As by Josh Talbot 

Broke by Michelle Wright

Brown Eyes Baby by Sally & Josh Talbot

Cajun Cross by Janet Padgett

Champagne No Ice by Jan Wyllie

Champagne on Ice by Michael Vera-Lobos

Come What May by Josh Talbot

Cowboy Cha Cha by K Gellette & Michelle Stremche

Dance The Night Away Cha Cha by Evi & David Kerr

Dim The Lights by S Ward & M Glover

Do It With Style by  M Gagnon & S Beauchamp

Easy Jambalaya by Barbara Hile

Faithful Soul by G O'Reilly & M Gallagher

First Step by Ilona Hamstra

Forever Together by Heather Barton

Give Me Shivers by Julia Wetzel (Starts: Bronco/Swivets)

Gives Me Shivers by Brandon Zahorsky (Starts: out out hips)

Here We Go by G O'Reilly & M Gallagher

Home Coming Queen by Karl-Harry Winson

I Give My Heart by Bob Francis

I Like It I Love It AB by Lu Olsen

Jambalaya by Ian St Leon

Just Call Me Angel by Tim Gauci

Lets Get It by Mark Simpkin

Lets Go Girls by Trent Duncan

Like I Loved You by Jennifer Hughes

Love Again by Vannesa Kelly

Love Grows by M Glover & C Bennett

Love Struck by M Simpkin & R Imms

Make It by Rob Fowler

Mama & Me by Gary O’Reilly

Money in my Pocket by W Brown & JP

Move You by Simon Ward

My Angel by Mark Simpkin

Not For the World by Linda Pink

Outta Salt by Tim Gauci

Pick A Pocket by Jan Wyllie

Piece By Piece by L Olsen & J Hearne

Pretty Damn Good by L Burgess & L Olsen

Senorita Sway by Michele Perron

Shout by Michael Vera-Lobos

Skinny Genes by L & P Stott

Smokey Places by Michele Perron

Some Kind Of Wonderful by Gary O’Reilly

Storm & Stone by Maddison Glover

Stretched by G & C Parker, R Groot & L Wolfe

Sway by Carl Sullivan

Swept Away by R Fletcher & K Jennings

The Knock Off by Kate Moore

The Outback by Gordon Elliott

Til The Neon’s Gone by Darren Bailey

Told You I Could Drink by Linda Burgess

Toot Toot by Linda Burgess

What Have I Done by Josh Talbot

Who Did You Call Darlin’ by K & M Smith

Wintergreen M Gallagher

Would Have Loved Her by Darren Bailey

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